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towards nature and the persistence of the volatile

Bradenstoke art an culture

Barn Bradenstoke is for all those who are looking for the shimmering shades of close-to-nature otherness, venturesome people, vagabonding ideas and nonchalant spontaneity.

Sheltered by an inspiring cozy setting of a devotedly re-invented historic barn and surrounded by the unique intuitive harmony of its fairy tale gardens, Barn Bradenstoke is planting the seeds for a downshifted and sharing art community life.

Barn Bradenstoke presents
Rock my Eden
Recent paintings
02.03. – 17.04.2021
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Barn owl

Enhance reality. Inspire reverie.

Barn Bradenstoke’s spirit is nourished by the surrounding nature; its country life, rich in tradition of farming, arts and crafts, is a source for inspiration.

Fuelled by passion and awareness of centuries-old historical and cultural considerations, Barn Bradenstoke now re-awakens with a distinctly pure and natural contemporary feel, a gratifying place where art envelops a naturally grown core.

Barn Bradenstoke a hub for contemporary art and culture

Barn Bradenstoke operates as a private patronage hub, fostering contemporary art and culture

through a diverse programme of curated exhibitions, lectures, workshops, concerts and various innovative formats in a collaborative setting. Currently undergoing renovations, the public opening of Barn Bradenstoke is planned for winter 2020/21. For further information on our artists, programmes or to visit, please contact us via Email.

Barn Bradenstoke art beyond avant-garde
Barn Wheelbarrows a place for contemporary art and culture
Barn Bradenstoke a sense of energy

To our wonderful friends,

At Barn Bradenstoke we seek to perpetuate a sense of energy – despite the socio-political reverberations of a pandemic-driven agenda – which fervently seeks alternative solutions and perspectives through art. Friendship, the wisdom of art and the invigorating force of nature help us navigate the stormy seas of today.
Along the way, we have met so many inspiring people from all around the world, near and far, whose empowering vision and invigorating energies have made their indelible mark on the Barn Bradenstoke community.

We wish to thank

Pato Bosich, Johann Brandstetter, Svenia Brokfeld, Mario Lemme, Liz Nicholson, Jackie Niebisch, Margarita Zafrilla Olayo, S R Plummer, Ilja Sallacz, Annette Scholl, Lesley Forner… and our supporters and suppliers from the beloved village North Aston.