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Barn Bradenstoke –

an inspirational home for art, ideas and stories

Bradenstoke art an culture

Nature and creation, retreat and encounter – in the fascinating ambience of a 400-year-old farm near the cultural metropolis of London, the Barn Bradenstoke project allows apparent opposites to merge into a lively overall concept.

The modern art centre offers artists both a source of inspiration and a platform to present their works in an extraordinary context, to enter dialogue with art lovers and to share the ideas and stories behind their work as well as insights into their creative process

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Create, present and experience art outside the box

As the initiator and innovator behind the Barn Bradenstoke project, gallery owner Marie von Papen brings the essence of her successful “Moving Gallery” concept to the table: After nine years on the road, Marie has made an international name for herself with pop-up exhibitions in spectacular locations – including abandoned warehouses, a disused shipyard and an old bank building.

Now her passion for bringing together renowned artists and exciting emerging talent in unusual settings with all those who want to know and love her work has found a home in Bradenstoke.

Barn Bradenstoke a hub for contemporary art and culture

Join the process and get to know artists and their work

As part of the “Artists in Residence” programme, artists from all over the world live and work together in the surroundings of the art center and are inspired by its landscape, architecture and history. After completion of the renovation – which was realised with loving attention to detail using sustainable natural materials – events tailored to the individual artists, such as vernissages, readings, concerts, workshops and studio visits for art lovers, collectors and interested visitors, will take place from spring 2022. The first insights into the Barn Bradenstoke project will be provided in the form of a small exhibition during the renovation work.

Barn Bradenstoke art beyond avant-garde
Barn Wheelbarrows a place for contemporary art and culture
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