Brandstetter’s Nature Art


AS: The history of science has always been a history of art or of artistic illustration. Today this symbiosis of science and art has become rare.

JB: I wouldn’t say so. Art illustration is experiencing a worldwide renaissance right now. I feel a little like Humboldt who forged his way through the Amazonian rain forest, powered on by his scientific curiosity and urge to explore, creating illustrations abundant with atmosphere. His pictorial travelogues are not just sketches of the things he experienced and observed, moreover they don’t shy away from feelings of being overwhelmed. They resist the constraints imposed by precision and detail. I find myself in this area of conflict. My work aims to ascertain the credibility of an experience, or in other words to assure and empower myself in relation to what I have observed.
That has next to nothing to do with documentarism – this cannot be photographed. (as)