The Elysium

Elysium Elixirs

Mellow moments

at eventide


Laid back gatherings for kindred spirits;  hand-crafted local beer, cocktails and a variety of exclusive sorts of gin and whisky spiced with wild mint, elderflower, sweet cherry, fennel seed and hot ginger – our drinks are inspired by all the wild growing herbs fresh from the garden.

Let the soothing strum of the guitar touch your heart, rest by the camp fire, meet the artists – and may it be a homecoming for the travelling circus of art…


Falling in love with books

Our artist books and catalogues are a beguiling invitation into the realm of imagination.

They tell stories, are manifestos, diaries, archives and visionary proclamations. They open up new spaces, are programmatic, narrative, playful or seductive. A magic mirror of dreams, ideas and adventures. Designed at our Barn Bradenstoke studios with heartwarming devotion and artistic accuracy, we reunite the joy of traditional handcrafted bookmaking with polycultural contemporary art practice.
Barn Bradenstoke books appear exclusively in small bibliophile editions.


Live and work at Barn Bradenstoke

Share the spirit of unfettered artistic freedom and delight in the captivating seclusion with international artists and emerging creative talents.
We invite artists to take up temporary residence at Barn Bradenstoke, who exploit the time, space and creative ambience to focus on their art projects. Our community provides studios, inspiring connections and audiences, refreshing head space and a nature-based healthy lifestyle. By personal invitation only. Applications welcome.

Haze of dust on a summer’s day

Barn Bradenstoke’s enchanting sculpture garden inaugurates as a visionary fantasia of the internationally renowned artists Julian and Isabel Bannerman – revealing the emblematic story of nature and art as a mutual symbiosis.

Wandering around its spacious grounds, forests and fragrant gardens, wilderness whispers a tender invitation to nurture the realm of your senses and inner wisdom. Let the sight of a flower, leaf or insect cast a spell on you, be seduced by a sparkle reminiscent of ancient times or a surprising art encounter and contemplate the essence of things per se.