Embodied notions on equilibrium, trust and support
a performance by Margarita Zafrilla Olayo

AS: Your performances play with a choreographic object that wraps around the elastic continuation of the very material it constitutes: rubber. Its material can be seen as a metaphor for…? 

MZO: Yes and no, more than a metaphor it is a direct experience in us, amplified by the very material of the object’s constitutions. It is a metaphor in as much as to work with this choreographic object is to refer us to nature, to shed some light on sensibilities that usually don’t get noticed otherwise, like the very permeable plasticity and healing capacity inherent in our bodies. That is not exclusive to humans but belongs, in essence, to nature. The experience can be understood as a metaphor to reconnect us with the natural world. We need to exercise more how we embody those conversations, how we listen to nature, to ourselves, and both at once. We did it very vividly in the past and we are losing it, we are too distanced from it, especially people in cities.

Our receptive, perceptual and nerve systems are totally stiff, exhausted and shuttered. We can all experience it when we get in touch with nature. Once upon a time, life was experienced as constant movement, linked by a universal sympathy with all phenomena through a unifying force. I feel that the same story is still amongst us, mingling with different memories and impressions of what each of us remembers of the whole. (as)